New mother needs to know how long the breast milk shelf life is! 

New mother needs to know how long the breast milk shelf life is! 
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Do you know that there is a shelf life with breast milk? In general, how long breast milk shelf life can be? If we can accept breast milk stored in the refrigerator or not?

As a novice mother, there is always a time when you can’t be alone with your child, so feeding your child becomes a problem. If the time of going out is a little longer, how can this be done? In general, how long can breast milk shelf life be? This article is really important for every mom! Because many mothers are doing wrong, and they are not nutritious to the baby.

Do you know that frozen breast milk has a shelf life?

Do you know that frozen breast milk has a shelf life?
Do you know that frozen breast milk has a shelf life?

Breast milk is rich in nutrients such as immune factors, protein, and calcium, which are incomparable to milk powder. Therefore, when the baby is not finished drinking milk, the mothers will choose to milk and freeze, called “back milk of mother”. But you must know that frozen breast milk has a shelf life.

Most of the back-milk mothers are the employees who work at the company. They don’t have time to feed during the day, so they have to squeeze out the milk. However, before milking, you should pay attention to ensuring hygiene. You should wash your hands first, and the breast milk bottle should also be disinfected.

How long can breast milk shelf life be?

At different temperatures, breast milk is stored in a certain way, and the nutritional value will not be reduced too much.

Breast milk storage time at room temperature

The milk that is squeezed out within six days after birth is called colostrum. The colostrum can be stored for about 12 hours at room temperature. Breast milk after six days after birth is called mature breast milk. Mature breast milk shelf life can be 24 hours at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, but can only be stored for 6 hours at room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. But it is best when eaten within 4 hours.

Therefore, if you keep the time on the bottle where you store breast milk at room temperature, this will also prevent the baby from drinking expired breast milk and causing digestive diseases.

Breast milk refrigerated storage time

Breast milk refrigerated storage time
Breast milk refrigerated storage time

Fresh breast milk can be stored with ice packs for up to one day. And there are also some mothers who like to keep the milk in the refrigerator and think that it can be kept for a long time.

Actually, if the breast milk is placed in the refrigerator, it can be stored for about 8 days in an environment of 0-4 degrees Celsius and clean conditions. But the ideal time is three days, so it is best to give it to your baby within three days.

If it is in the freezer, it can be stored for about 3-4 months. If placed in a deep freezer below 0 degrees Celsius, this breast milk shelf life can be as long as six months.

However, some of the changes in color and texture of the breast milk after freezing storage, such as some will turn blue, turn yellow or turn brown, which is a normal phenomenon.

What container is used to store breast milk?

First of all, the process of sucking milk should pay attention to clean and hygienic, and the breast pump and bottle used should be subjected to high temperature sterilization. The choice of storage container also needs to be cautious. It can be a sterile milk storage bag or a heat-resistant and cold-resistant container, but a thin glassware cannot be used for breast milk. It is also best not to choose metal products because it will cause the active factors in breast milk to attach to the surface, resulting in reduced nutrients.

Pay attention to the tightness of the container and do not fill it up. Reasonable storage should be made on the surface of the container indicating the date of storage, the amount of milk contained, etc.

How to heat frozen breast milk?

After storage, the problem is coming, how should the frozen milk be fed? Heating frozen breast milk can be a matter of learning, otherwise the nutrients contained in it will be destroyed. So how can we heat frozen breast milk?

Constant temperature milk regulator heating

Generally speaking, it is possible to heat the breast milk by setting the temperature at about 40 degrees Celsius. This is a high-tech method.

Warm milk heater heating

Like the thermostat, the temperature is set at 40 degrees, and the temperature is easier to control when heated by water.

Hot water

The easiest thing to do is to freeze the frozen breast milk first in cold water. This process is quite long. After thawing, place the container in warm water and soak it. When soaking, shake the container so that it will be evenly heated.

The frozen breast milk will be stratified when heated. This is a normal phenomenon and it can be shaken evenly before drinking.

And not microwave oven

It is best not to use equipment such as a microwave oven, which is easy to destroy the nutrients of breast milk. At the same time, the microwave oven is not heated evenly, and the milk is too cold and too hot to easily damage the baby. Moreover, rapid heating can affect the antibodies to the milk.

Common notice in storing breast milk

– If the milk is not consumed after 24 hours of thawing or heating, it should be discarded and cannot be stored again.

Common notice in storing breast milk
Common notice in storing breast milk

– The color of breast milk may vary. Moreover, the breast milk after thawing appears to be different from the odor or consistency of fresh breast milk. Feeding your baby is still safe. If your baby refuses to accept thawed milk, the storage time should be shorter.

– Normally, your stored breast milk will be separated into a thick layer of cream on top and a thin layer of cream on the bottom. Before feeding your baby, gently mix the two layers of milk in the container instead of shaking.

– The stored breast milk can be added to the fresh breast milk, but the old milk must be warmed up before being added to the new milk.

– Thawed milk has a soapy taste. This is not a deterioration. Deteriorated milk will have a deteriorating taste. Soapy taste does not mean deterioration. Some mothers have high levels of lipase (an enzyme that digests fat) in their milk. After thawing, these mother’s’ frozen milk has a strong soapy taste. This milk is safe for your baby, but sometimes your baby will refuse to drink this milk. If this happens, you can first freeze the milk and then freeze it to make it inactive. It is recommended to heat it in a pan until the edges form a foam and then cool and store.

In conclusion, the breast milk shelf life is as long as 12 months. What should you do not to make it bad, it depends on your method. Mothers who use breast pumps because of work or other reasons are bound to face breast milk storage problems. Many mothers have this question, will the stored breast milk nutritional value be reduced? In fact, after breast milk is squeezed out, the nutritional value of breast milk will not be destroyed in a certain period of time according to the correct method of breast milk preservation. However, there are many methods and considerations. That’s why we have talked about how long the shelf life of breast milk is, how to store breast milk correctly, and the precautions for storing breast milk.

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