What the best breast milk increasing tips you should do?

What the best breast milk increasing tips you should do?
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Breast milk is the most nutritious. Breastfeeding not only protects baby’s health, but also recovers mother’s body. What breast milk increasing tips you should do?

The best breast milk increasing tips

The best breast milk increasing tips
The best breast milk increasing tips

Many mothers want to insist on breastfeeding but they have little milk. The milk is there but the amount is not always enough, that makes nursing mother anxious. The lack of milk has become a roadblock on the road of breastfeeding. So, what methods can effectively increase the amount of lactation and promote breastfeeding? Let’s pay attention to the following breast milk increasing tips to help new mother overcome milk shortages and ensure your baby’s small granary.

1. Must not be anxious, the more urgent the less milk

Don’t be worried

The amount of milk is determined by the hormone level in the body. This is a congenital factor. Everyone is different. If the mothers are anxious and worried, they will lose more than they have.

Don’t add psychological pressure of insufficient milk

During breastfeeding, we are more sensitive. After thinking about it, plus the pain of taking care of the baby, the body is already very tired. In this case, if we add psychological pressure of insufficient milk, it will affect our endocrine balance. A scenario that causes less and less milk.

Maintain a happy mood

To face and solve problems, find ways to promote the secretion of milk. Avoid taking unnecessary detours.

2. The more sucking the more milk, let the baby work hard!

The breast is the baby’s private kitchenette. It’s a balance between demand and supply. How much it produced decided by the baby. Therefore, if you want the milk to fill the baby’s appetite, they should have a close and good partnership.

Let the baby breastfeed more is the best way to increase the amount of milk. The baby stimulates the mother’s brain to secrete prolactin by sucking the teat, thereby promoting milk secretion. Work hard to exchange for sweet milk, the baby will also have a sense of accomplishment.

Breastfeeding is a continuation of prenatal education. Through more breast-feeding, the baby will know how to delay the satisfaction, know the strength of persistence. It is a way to cultivate the baby’s ability.

3. Choose the food increasing breast milk

In addition, food supplement diet is basically one of the best breast milk increasing tips for every new mother. Diet can indeed play a certain role in increasing the amount of milk, such as fish bone soup, grass papaya fish soup, pig foot soup, etc. They can add nutrients to mothers, increase milk production.

In the diet, pay attention to the principle of light nutrition, reasonable matching, promote lactation, and increase the supplement of iron and calcium. You can add about 200ml of soup between meals, such as: trotters stewed soya beans, old hens plus grass shrimp stew soup, squid soup, etc., Mother can add rice wine egg soup after two weeks of discharge. Avoid drug and alcohol reactions, or barley buds during feeding, such as: sesame sugar, sesame paste, etc.

4. Sleep well, the amount of milk will be more

Sleep is the best way to restore human physical strength. You should learn to rest with the baby. This is a good way to adjust sleep during lactation. The routine is regular, the body is not tired, and our various functions can play the most important role including the secretion of milk. Therefore the mothers must have enough sleep, properly sun-bathing, and full of nutrients to feed the baby.

5. Use drugs scientifically to reduce the impact on lactation

  • Go to regular hospital to see a doctor and tell him that you are breastfeeding
  • The doctor will open the medicine that does not affect the milk secretion according to the situation.
    Grasp the time of medication not to reduce the number of times the baby be breastfed
  • For example: Take medicine immediately after breastfeeding. Because the baby will be fed for a long time, the amount of milk after drug metabolism is very small. So the impact on the baby is also minimal, do not reduce the number of feedings. Thus, reducing the impact on lactation.

6. The mother should do three tasks in mornings

Early contact, early absorption, early opening of milk. Frequent and effective sucking can promote the secretion of prolactin and increase the amount of lactation, which is the most effective method for breastfeeding success.

Early contact

Within half an hour after the birth of the newborn, the baby is brought into contact with the mother for a period of not less than 30 minutes. When exposed, the newborn and the mother should have eye contact, and this emotional exchange can promote maternal recovery as soon as possible.

Early contact
Early contact

Early sucking

Suction reflexes work best within 30 minutes to 2 hours after birth. Early absorption, consolidation of breath reflexes, foraging reflexes and swallowing reflexes allow babies to get colostrum, contribute to the success of breastfeeding. Through the baby, the mother will secrete prolactin, which will make the breast cells secrete milk, and help to promote maternal uterine muscle contraction and reduce postpartum hemorrhage.

Early, frequent suction, can promote the emptying of milk in the mammary sinus of the breast tube, reducing the occurrence of milk rise. Early absorption can also stimulate bowel movements, accelerate the excretion of fetal feces, and reduce the incidence of hyperbilirubinemia.

Open milk early

That is, when the mother and baby are first contacted, let the newborn suck the nipple of the mother and open the milk.

7. Postpartum massage

It is an important means to help mothers to establish a milk reflex zone. There are two main ways of massage: back massage and breast massage.

Back massage for nursing mother

The method of back massage is: the mother is exposed to the upper body, the knee is stable, the breasts are sagging naturally, the medical staff or relatives are clenching hands, the double thumbs are pressed on both sides of the spine to make a small circular massage, the spine is moved down, the circulation is carried out, and the stimulation is shot, milk reflex. The best early morning massage on the second day after delivery.

Breast massage for nursing mother

The method of breast massage is: apply breast massage gel or milk to the areola, nipple. One hand holds the breast, the other hand rotate from the root of the breast to the nipple. Change position constantly and massage the breast entirely.

8. Medicine acupuncture and physiotherapy for postpartum conditioning

Acupuncture regulates postpartum women through the theory of traditional medicine meridians. In addition to preventing postpartum complications and improving emotions, it can also improve breast blood circulation, upload excitement to the pituitary to cause prolactin release, strengthen lactation reflex, and increase milk secretion.

9. Keep healthy

The secretion of breast milk is inseparable from the health of the mother. To increase the amount of milk can not be relied on by one method alone, but should be adjusted as a whole, and special attention should be paid to breastfeeding on demand during breastfeeding. Novice mothers should pay attention to diet and ensure adequate rest and sleep time in normal life. Only when the mother is healthy, can she provide more and better milk for her baby.

Keep healthy
Keep healthy

In short, insufficient breastfeeding for novice mothers is a common problem and there are many ways to overcome them. Experts pointed out that to increase the amount of milk, you need to master the correct method. Above breast milk increasing tips are the best way to increase milk but many postpartum new mothers are not clear. Now you have known already, let’s prepare immediately. The amount of milk will be rising with the children. The mothers won’t need to work hard in chasing the milk anymore. Those are good ways to make the milk more and faster.

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